WHS Training

 Short Courses (half-day) 

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  • Officers & Due Diligence – WHS Legislation, Officers and due diligence, Strategies for Officers to assist compliance with due-diligence duty.
  • WHS For Managers and Supervisors-WHS legislation and hazard management.
  • Health and safety committees – WHS legislation, Functions of committee, Resolution of health and safety issues.
  • Incident investigation & notification– Notifiable Incidents, Causes of workplace incidents, Conduct an incident investigation, Develop control measures to stop an incident re-occurring.
  • Workplace Inspections – Safety inspections, Conduct a safety inspection  assess risks, and develop an action plan to implement risk controls
  • Manual handling (M. H.) – Conduct a manual handling risk assessment and develop strategies to control risk.
  • Workplace Chemicals – Chemicals and risks to health and safety, Safety data sheets, Control risks from workplace chemicals.
  • Plant Safety– Plant hazards and risks, conduct a plant inspection to identify hazards/risks, develop an action plan to control risks from plant hazards.
  • Workplace fatigue– Define workplace fatigue , health and safety risks relating to workplace fatigue, develop a risk control action plan for workplace fatigue.
  • Workplace bullying– Definition, risks to health and safety, strategies for identifying and controlling workplace bullying.

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