WHS Consultancy

askOHS consultants have over 30 years practical industry experience. They hold university qualifications in occupational health and safety and education (majoring in Occupational Hazard Management, Education of adults and Psychology). Our consultants also hold diploma and certificate level qualifications TAE and RABQSA certification.

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WHS Audits – askOHS consultants are RABQSA certified to conduct OHSMS audits. We also conduct Legislative audits and Injury management systems audits. Audits require our consultants to meet with key personnel, at every level, to conduct compliance assessments and to present action plans to ensure compliance with Key performance indicators in relevant standards.

Workplace Inspections – askOHS consultants conduct on-site safety inspections,  assess risk and develop a risk control action plan. This process requires our consultants to meet with workers at every level in the workplace being inspected.

Plant Inspections – askOHS conducts inspections of workplace plant to identify any uncontrolled hazards and to assess risks. We then present a written action plan control risks from uncontrolled plant hazards. This process requires consultants to meet and to consult operators of the plant, or with others likely to be affected by the plant operation or during maintenance of plant.

Ergonomic risk assessments – askOHS consultants conduct ergonomic assessments of workplaces and processes and provide a written reports with recommendations to control risks to health and safety. This process requires consultants to meet  workers likely to be exposed to a risk of injury from ergonomic hazards.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) & Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) askOHS consultants conduct job safety analysis (JSA) and develop or update safe operating procedures against the JSA. This requires our consultants to meet with workers when conducting the JSA and when writing/updating SOPs

WHS Policies and procedures: askOHS consultants develop work health and safety policies & procedures to suit a businesses needs.

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